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What are Hemp Terpenes and Why Do They Matter to CBD?

Today, scientists around the world are constantly learning new things about the beneficial effects of cannabis, and the compounds contained within the hemp plant. However, even as we learn about cannabidnoids like CBD and THC few people know the secret behind the characteristic taste and smell of the hemp plant. Enter hemp terpenes.

Hemp terpenes are a class of organic compound that helps to distinguish hemp from all other plants in the world. Although terpenes are present in many different types of plant, scientists are beginning to understand that terpenes in hemp are special. These simple compounds may have therapeutic abilities, much like the rest of the cannabinoids within the hemp plant.

As with most things in the world of CBD, terpenes in hemp still require additional research. However, it may be that these substances could contribute to the impact and versatility of CBD oils and other hemp substances.

How Do Hemp Terpenes Work?

Terpenes are aromatic chemicals produced in a range of plants, including ginger, cinnamon, and hemp. These substances give plants their disntictive aromas. From a molecular perspective, terpenes aren’t much of a mystery. They include 5 atoms, and they’re often volatile organic compounds.

Terpenes divide into groups according to their size. There are many different kinds of terpenes that appear in the hemp plant. For instance, Myrcene terpene is the most common in cannabis oil. It’s also present in clovers, hops, sage, and other herbs.

So, what exactly do terpenes do?

On the surface, terpenes work to give different species of cannabis a distinctive flavor, smell, and color. However, they may be capable of a lot more too. Aromas also have a place in the therapeutic world. Something as simple as the right smell can eliminate stress in some circumstances and reduce feelings of pain and discomfort. Many scientists have begun to explore the connection between emotions and scent.

Why Are Hemp Terpenes Important?

The number of terpenes in nature is astronomical. Terpenes help plants protect themselves against pests and bacteria. They’re also very useful in the cosmetic industry, where they’re used in the production of fragrances for products like perfumes and shampoos. Some terpenes even appear in medicines and food flavors around the world.

The therapeutic properties of terpenes and the aromas that help facilitate the absorption of CBD into one’s system during treatment make these crucial substances. Scientists have found that the terpenes contained in hemp are incredibly useful for herbal treatments and may even make the substances that people take each day for stress and pain management more effective.

Currently, many researchers are conducting research into the valuable cannabinoids contained within cannabis. We’ve already found that CBD oil has a role to play in everything from immune system management to pain control. Now, it could be that we begin to see hemp terpenes sharing the spotlight too.

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